Choosing right fence for the campsite

Choosing the right fence for the campsite is very important. There are various types of fences available to choose from. But we should choose right fence which will make a balance between protection and finance.

Let’s discuss further about choosing right fence for the campsite.

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Many people choose ‘Barbed Wire Fence’ over other options. But this fence is good only if the inner property is not much valuable, as it can be cut by smart criminals and thieves. For a campsite, we must choose a better option than barbed wire fence. ‘Stone Fence’ is the best option for campsite if we consider the value of a campsite. But Stone Fence will cost a lot of money. Then what could be the best option overall.

living fenceIn villages, we can see the concept of ‘Living Fence’. Living Fence is nothing but a fence made out of fast growing thick vegetation and this can be a right fence for the campsite. To make it more effective, you can grow plants with thorns viz. Babool, Bamboo, Cactus etc. You can make it stronger by growing them besides barbed wire fence. The advantage of living fence is that it will last for long and will reduce the soil erosion. Any kind of criminal will not try to destroy thorny green fence as it will be quite difficult to do so. It also protects campsite from wild animals.

Living fence also gives a classy look to the campsite as well as it increases the curiosity of the visitors as from living fence, the view of inside area is restricted. Moreover, we can promote it as eco-friendly campsite as the living fence can be a home for various birds. Thus through living fence a good message will be delivered to visitors of the campsite.