What are the features of a good campsite?

How to make a good campsite? We have already discussed ‘How to Start developing a Campsite’ in our earlier article. (Click here to read the article.) Now let’s discuss the basic features of a good campsite. There are many people around us who always wish to live in a campsite and stay close to nature. They stay in cities just to keep themselves close to their job locations which is the source of their earning. But whenever they find time, they hunt for campsites near their location. There lies a good business opportunity for the land owner to convert their lands into campsites / farmhouses and if they have a sound financial support or a good presentation skill, they should go for the opportunity.

To be a good campsite, it must contain few basic features.

Big Land Size:

Yes, the size of land plays very important role. The land must be optimally big to convert it into a campsite. Since we are talking about commercial campsite, the land should be near about an acre big on minimum side. It should not be too big even that its maintenance will be a problem for the owner.

Accessible Remoteness:


Campers expect the campsite to be far from the noise pollution like cities. But on the other side they want is quite accessible with the help of their vehicles. So campsites should not be very far from tar road, as well as should not be very close to it. This will help the campsite to maintain peace on it.



A good campsite should have good amount of vegetation. Open lands are less preferred by the campers. Also in the noon time, open lands turns boring as compared to land with trees. The land should contain big trees. The ratio can be like 3 – 5 big trees per acre. The ground must have grass on it. You should trim the grass often to maintain the lawn. This will make the campsite less dusty.

Water bodies:

It is always better to have few water-bodies inside or near to campsite. Having a big water pond inside your campsite or having a campsite near lake or river can pull the campers to it automatically. If campsite do not have any such feature, then you should dig a water pond inside the campsite. It will give double advantage of entertaining the visitors as well as watering the vegetation of the campsite. But these water bodies must be kept clean otherwise they can give trouble of insects and mosquito.

If the campsite has slow moving water source like springs or small streams inside or near it which can provide potable water. Drinking from river water is not recommended even after treatment.


The campsite should be airy. Even if it has vegetation, it must be well ventilated. In warn months, it helps to keep the campsite pleasant. Good, breezy campsite make visitors to repeat their visits.


Higher ground add to the beauty of a campsite. People love the scenery seen from heights. More the height, cooler the environment. The campsite can be too windy, if there is not optimum vegetation.


Even if the campsite is uneven, there should be sufficient flat ground with grass lawn for pitching tents and games and activities. If land area is small then it is expected that it should be fully flat.

Overall Protection & Safety:

The campsite should provide maximum safety to its visitors. It must be free from criminals, thieves, wild animals, mosquito, ticks & insects, snakes & other reptiles & rodents. You should grow thorny bushes around campsite as a natural compound.