How to Start developing your Campsite?

Many times Land owners suddenly decides to convert their farm land in campsite. The only motive they have behind is to earn extra money and nothing else. They start adding few houses / lodges. A small pond / swimming pool and some outdoor games for children. And give homely food at meals. That’s it. Yes, this do attract clients to your site / farmhouse but they do not repeat the visit. So the big question is why clients do not repeat their visit to your place?

In what manner you should start building or developing your campsite Let’s discuss further.


Every campsite must be started or developed with a theme. Why theme?? This is the world of Digital Marketing today. People get almost all information about campsite through internet including photographs, videos and other details. People today are smart enough to select the campsite as per their mood. So having a theme makes people easy to choose your campsite. There are many themes available to select from viz. Aqua, Adventures, Commando, Jungle, Leisure, Royal, Luxury, Agriculture etc.

Plan & Layout:

Planning is another important factor affecting the business. A good plan with proper foresight is must for starting construction of a campsite or farmhouse. The plan should suggest, what are the things to be built on campsite, in what time and at what cost. It also gives fair idea of steps to be taken further towards development of the campsite. The layout / blue print shows the exact plotting of the things to be built in the campsite. It gives you the idea of future of your project.

Get a Team:

Campsite business is not a game of one man. It requires team of dedicated persons with help of professionals. With a good team and division of work, things can be made really easy.


This is a very crucial factor for everything. Many times, only people already holding a good sized land, think of starting campsite / farmhouse. For the people starting for ‘Scratch’, it becomes a big task. But if you have ‘planned well’, then you just need a good presentation. Through this presentation, you can approach family members, friends and investors to finance your project. While raising fund through finance, making a legal contract is advisable.

Legal Compliance:

After raising fund, the next thing before starting construction is to obtain various important permissions and certifications from various Govt. Departments or Local Govt. bodies. These permissions are very necessary and those are must to be obtained before starting the construction.

Actual Construction:

This is the main part of whole project. Whole set up must be done as per the plan and layout, where you should not compromise with the quality. Because every client visiting your campsite will be spending his money and time, so giving value for their money and time becomes your priority. Also every item on your campsite must give surety of safety to every client. Therefore development must be done towards landscaping, paving, plumbing, cottages & lodges etc. and construction of minimum basic recreational activities like swimming pool, picnic areas, indoor and outdoor games, canteens etc.

To know what are different things to construct on your campsite – CLICK HERE!

Appointing Staff:
Since the area and scope of campsite will be big enough, you will need more hands for its maintenance. Also you will need to appoint hospitality staff to receive and serve to your clients and experienced coordinators to guide your clients during the stay and recreational activities.

Fee Structure:

Finalizing the fees charged to client will be a crucial decision. The fee structure should balance between reasonability from the view of client as well as profitability from your point of view. The fee must be kept in such a way that it will not be too costly for actual activities and services offered and not too low that it will be difficult for you to maintain the campsite.

Advertising and Promotion:

After you finalize the fees, you actual work is done. But now the most important factor start from here. That is marketing. You should start advertising your campsite so as to reach to most genuinely interested people. You can make it through creating an attractive website, through publishing details on social media like Facebook, whatsapp and other web directories.

Start Earning:

So that’s it. Plan well, Earn well. All the best.